Our consulting practices are based on our commitment to customer partnerships. Our experience will help guide your project through five basic stages: Initiation, Analysis, Configuration, Validation and Deployment. By using a standard delivery method, the knowledge we’ve gained is available to all of our customers. In effect, it is rarely necessary to start from scratch.


Consulting services are offered by Dilys to help ensure that a quality software solution is developed and that a good working knowledge of the system is obtained by the client. In addition, these services help clients avoid the pitfalls, delays, and overhead expenses associated with data validation, modelling, training, installing, and integrating the system with other applications.


Our staff is experienced in project management, system customization and implementation. We have the resources to provide a turn-key solution, or we can support customization and implementation. Dilys has extensive experience working under both scenarios and has the proper resources to ensure success either way.

Support & training


We offer a full range of customer support services and comprehensive product training to ensure that our customers obtain maximum results from their investment. Whether you’re a member of the implementation team, a system administrator, or a user, we can provide the training that meets your specific needs.


Dilys provides multiple support options to cater for customer requirements. These range from standard weekday software support to full 365-day/24 hour cover. Dilys offers a full year’s warranty on all its implementations. This warranty includes standard support.